Besides construction equipment we do sell mining and other related industrial products.

Yes, all of our products carry a warranty. It all depends on the product type and what our supplier offers. Our warranty comes in three forms- Time period, Number of hours, and Mileage.

Yes we do. Our qualified support staff provide operating counselling, and training. They also give technical recommendations based on job specifications. Though there are some regulatory requirements that we cannot override in offering this service.

We have a properly managed Special order facility which operates in this manner- we receive a deposit of 60% from the customer and balance is payable on arrival/collection/delivery of product. Lead time vary according to country of origin and is specified on order.

Yes. It is our company policy that we stock products that we can provide full back up. Construction and mining projects are time sensitive endeavours, therefore, equipment downtime must by all means minimised if not avoided.

Not as yet. Our logistical officers will provide transportation means to customers outside Harare. Full Freight charges payable to customer.

When we have, we sell it. There are actually some little-used items/equipment that we decide to sell after full value assessment is done.

Due to internal strategic operational changes taking place we are currently referring our customers to liaise directly with financial institutions offering such credit portfolios.

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